Innovations direct from
our Start-Ups Team

Our tech division provides fast, flexible and cost-effective tech solutions for our clients. It also affords us the privilege to support a select number of complementary early-stage start-ups.

Our products are available to the general market and we offer COL clients a large discount on rate card pricing.

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Improve your control on credit...

  • Kiylo is a credit control software that is a private and secure platform for accountants, bookkeepers, and virtual assistants.
  • Kiylo’s unique highly automated software runs your credit control with a fully notated client management page and diarised action history. It automatically prompts and creates emails, letters, telephone calls to be made with the ability for you to bespoke the process to fit your client. You always have a complete history of actions and the ability to give your clients access to view or update payments or client contact..
  • Kiylo offers a unique opportunity to provide a professional credit control service for your clients.


A brand advocacy platform for your evangelists…

  • Your evangelists, i.e. your employees, distributors, channel partners are already present in the digital space.
  • More often than not, they are also influencers in their space, thereby controlling a lot of buying decisions of their family members and friends.
  • Wouldn’t it be great to have all of them in one place and have them promote the latest product / deal that you have launched?
  • Now think about the magnitude of the share of voice that will be generated and add to it uniformity of messaging, the authenticity of the messengers and the increased probability of conversions…