Our Approach

We make our client's vision a reality via our integrated commercial support model. This brings together cross-functional expertise with an integrated supply-chain for execution.

Clients’ knowledge of their businesses is combined with our expertise across five key functional areas which, when aligned, deliver successful commercial initiatives; sales, marketing, people, process, and technology.

COL consultants work to develop solutions based on how your business really works, your vision, and all enablers and blockers to realising that vision – both internal and external.

COL clients find this cross-functional, independent and commercially-focused support to be invaluable as a stand-alone service but, we strengthen this support further, with our integrated delivery model.

COL’s integrated model enhances the output of our consultancy by ensuring clients have ready access to all of the skills and resources necessary for practical implementation.

This approach provides two key benefits;

  1. Our consultants are able to anticipate and address cross-functional issues which are vital for success, both internally and externally.
  2. Our clients gain complete control and flexibility over the delivery of their projects.

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The work we undertake in this way blends best-practice with hands-on, pragmatic implementation.

The outputs we deliver affect lasting change to working practices and workplace culture – fundamental improvements which amplify the effects of our clients’ skills, talent, and resources for the long-term.